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ShenZhen SantaCon

The Happiness Hackers

What is SantaCon?

SantaCon is a convention of Santas that occurs once a year. Men and women dressed as Santa during the day of SantaCon, usually walk the streets of the city. 2015 is the 21st anniversary of SantaCon! The first SantaCon was in San Francisco in 1994, winning a Guinness Award. It's a culture all over the world. For more information, visit

Starting at 3pm in Laojie and Sea World.

We provide costumes, food and gifts to give out for 150rmb.

you are free to join if you don't want to get a package from us.

For more information, scan the QR code of our official account.

Shenzhen SantaCon

Shenzhen SantaCon is simply a lot of people dressed as Santa Claus, walking the streets of Shenzhen and giving out gifts to kids. We also provide lots of drinks and food. This year we have two starting points, one in Luohu and one in Nanshan. We are willing to impact people from different districts.


Or contact Santa Tav: 13113692579

By email: